About The Grand

About The Grand

Date: 2019-05-20

What is the Gr@nd

The Gr@nd provides the Healthy Living Centre for Gravesham and delivers the Gifted Young Generation Programme for Young People. 

We host like-minded services like Citizens Advice and Waipoua Vegan café in our centrally located base: The Old Courthouse which is open to the public 5 days a week.

Our team of 14 staff work with community groups, like minded organisations and individuals to help improve wellbeing, health and happiness both in the Gr@nd and around the county. Our ever changing and varied timetable offers something for all ages such as exercise, arts and crafts and we bring people together for friendship, fun and laughter. 

Our Gifted Young Generation programme allows young people to develop skills from inspiring professionals in arts and culture, sport, construction, and business.

We also support mental health and wellbeing through essential services such as 1-1 counselling. We inspire young people, raise aspirations and create positive memories. 

Everything we do has either been directly requested by residents or have been developed because there is an identified need; these needs would have been highlighted in documents such as the Health Profiles, produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories.

Our History

The Grand was set-up in 2001 as a multi-partner agency working across the borough.

Since then we have established our Gifted Young Generation Programme, helped hundreds of people get online and learn how to use the internet, assisted people in their search for a new job and helped people lose weight and improve wellbeing. 
We’ve worked with every school in the borough, managed community events, hosted an annual youth performance at the Woodville theatre for the past 10 years and run a community allotment. 

Our work and objectives change as local needs change and funding is available, but we constantly strive to assist residents with their physical, emotional and mental health, both here at the Grand or by referring people to partner or local organisations who are best placed to help. 

The CIC 

The Grand is run by Gravesham Development Network CIC, whose board members oversee the running and direction of the organisation. 
The CIC was established in 2012 and meet bi-monthly to look at the progression of the organisation. 

The board is made up of local businessmen, experienced public sector workers and councillors and ex civil-servants who help guide and steer our work. 
Meet the Board Members. (LINK) 

Our Base

We’re based in the heart of Gravesend Town Centre, in the town’s former courthouse. The former courtroom still exists with some original listed features in situ. Today the courtroom is used as an event, meeting and rehearsal space. 

The building is also home to Waipoua Vegan café which is an independently owned and managed business. They open here in The Grand in May 2019 offering hot and cold vegan food and aim in the future to offer cooking classes and a supper club. 

We work with several partner and external organisations including the Kent One You healthy lifestyle programme, community health workers, the RBLI employment programme, Citizens Advice and a local solicitors who offer a drop-in legal service. 

How we’re funded 

We funded and supported by a range of different organisations. Our core support comes from Kent County Council, Gravesham Borough Council and Kufflink Foundation. 

Many of the programmes and projects we run receive funding from different charitable grants, enabling us to offer the public free or subsidised opportunities. 
We work in partnership with many organisations, from Whitstable Biennale to Kent Police and Gravesham Borough Council to deliver both long-term and short-term projects across Gravesham.

We welcome enquiries from potential partners for one-off programmes and longer-term opportunities. 

Additionally, The Gifted Young Generation programme is supported by Kufflink Foundation who actively work to support opportunities for young people in the local area. Find our more: see our annual report 2018-19 (LINK)

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