Build a Benny the Whale sculpture

Build a Benny the Whale sculpture

Date: 2019-04-16

Help build a whale sculpture from empty plastic drinks bottles. 
Inspired by Benny the Beluga Whale, which was spotted living in the Thames last year, the project invites members of the public to donate their empty plastic drinks bottles to be melted down to form the sculpture of Benny. 

The framework for the 3.5m long sculpture (the same as a small Beluga whale) will be on display at the Fusion festival in Gravesend Town Centre on 15 June, where the artists working on the project will be collecting bottles for the first phase of the project. 

The project highlights the growing levels of litter found in the borough and in the Thames, polluting the environment and endangering wildlife. 
The project is funded by Gravesham Borough Council and the national campaign Keep Britain Tidy. 

Instead of the public using a regular public bin, the bottles will be collected, cleaned and used to form a plastic shell for the sculpture, melting together different colour bottles. 

The patchwork shell of the sculpture will be formed with help with public at the Riverside Festival on Saturday 6 July, the biggest annual community event in Gravesham. 

Members of the public will be able to work with professional artists at the Riverside Festival to learn how to turn the cleaned recycled plastic bottles into the sculpture of the whale. 

Two further workshops to sculpt the whale will then take place at the Fringe Festival the following week. Dates, times and locations to be confirmed. 

The aim is to create a patchwork sculpture of coloured plastics forming the shape of Benny The Beluga Whale. 

It’s free to take part in the whale sculpting workshops. 

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