Community Allotment

Community Allotment

Date: 2019-04-09

Community Allotment 


During lockdown, our team have been keeping green fingered at the Allotment, planting new vegetables and transforming the space. 

You can watch all our transformation videos here

Our community allotment is a space for people to come together to sow, grow and tend to fruits, vegetables and plants of all varieties. 
We have worked with many groups and local residents at the allotment during the past 10 or so years. 

Some are green-fingered enthusiasts, while others had never done any gardening before – but everyone enjoys time out in the open, chatting, making friends and seeing their seeds come to life, grow, bloom and produce foods which can be cooked and eaten at home.

Currently the allotment is resting ready for the ground to be re-planted. 

We welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the space. Please contact us directly for a chat. 

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