Thrive - podcast

Thrive - podcast

Date: 2019-05-15

Listen to our new podcast, hosted by and featuring four young people.
What’s life like as a young person in 2019? How do daily pressures such as social media, school and sex affect you? 

With different topics in each episode the podcast tackles all the things you might be or have been dealing with. 

In season one, hear from Mason, Princess, Jamal and Emma, all aged 15-18 years as they talk about life; the funny bits, the difficult bits and the embarrassing bits. 

Our Royal Opera House Bridge commission

We've been commissioned by the Royal Opera House Bridge to create a podcast for their national conference called The Thriving Child. For the past few months we have talked to young people from across the UK about their lives, their issues and the need for creativity and arts to be taught in schools.

The findings from the podcast will be presented by our young podcasters on stage at the Royal Opera House in London at the end of June. Look out for the video that's in the works now too!

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